What is Electrolysis?
Electrolysis is, put simply, the science of permanent hair removal, using a state-of-the-art computerized technology. Electrolysis is achieved by the insertion of a fine sterile probe into the hair follicle. Then a low-level electrical current is delivered to the hair follicle to destroy the root and germinative cells so no further hair growth can occur. Electrolysis is an affordable investment and per treatment pricing means you only pay for the time you need.

Why should I choose Electrolysis over laser hair removal?
Electrolysis is still the only method recognized by the FDA as Permanent Hair Removal and has safe, effective, and well documented results dating back to 1875. It works on all skin and hair types, male and female. Alternatives such as laser hair removal are not able to effectively treat red, gray or blonde hair. In addition, Laser hair removal is still a relatively new procedure and has not been evaluated for long-term safety of skin and health.

How many treatments are required?
The number of treatments necessary varies with each client. Treatment sessions range from 15-60 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Hair grows in cycles and the growth rate depends on several distinct influences on the body. Heredity, or the genetic makeup you inherited from your ancestors, determines the amount and location of hair growth you will experience during your lifetime. Normal Systemic Changes are normal changes in the hormonal system during puberty, pregnancy and menopause may alter the level of Androgens (testosterone) and Estrogen, resulting in sudden new hair growth on the face or body. Systemic Changes, such as PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), endocrine imbalances (thyroid), menstrual irregularity and hysterectomy can also affect hair growth. Other Factors include stress, weight, medication, birth control and topical stimulation. After a confidential consultation, we can determine the approximate number of treatments you will require.

What effects does Electrolysis have on the appearance of the skin?
Depending on the individual skin type and sensitivity, you may have redness and slight swelling after your treatment. This is a normal side effect and will subside within 30-60 minutes post treatment with proper aftercare. We will provide you with post treatment instructions and the personal assurance you need and deserve.